REMOTE TEACHING ASSISTANCE: The CTL staff are standing by to help you in all aspects of Remote Teaching.  As we enter the last half of Summer 2023, contact us for ways to increase engagement, address student learning concerns, and fine tune assessment.  We are also available for course redesign modifications to prepare for Fall 2023.

To schedule a 火箭加速器app安卓版下载 contact CTL@oregonstate.edu. Also access our full suite of remote teaching material at OSU's Keep Teaching page.


Lessons Learned From Spring 2023: Challenges For the Future

CTL session reviewing student and faculty survey results, highlighting college efforts, and sharing guides for the future.
Video from June 5 session. 

Presented by the Center for Teaching & Learning

Infographic - Pedagogical Booster Shots

Infographic Zoom Camera Pros & Cons

Team Project Guide

Team Work Guidelines

SHOUT OUT: CTL celebrates Dr. Demian Hommel, WINNER of the National Most Innovative Educator Award!!

Our goal is to support effective and efficient teaching and create and sustain a culture of teaching excellence. We realize different faculty have different needs and vary in how much college teaching preparation they have received. Whether you are New2OSU or have spent many years here, we provide something for you. Ranging from evidence-based practices for course design and assessment to the theoretical basis of learning, our programs target key pedagogical practices via a variety of formats and modalities. We serve both OSU campuses, in Corvallis and Cascades, and work with Ecampus to serve those beyond. Want some information now? Let us know here. Not sure what you need or want? Let's talk! 

Email me Regan.Gurung@OregonState.edu with any pedagogical question, especially as it relates to remote teaching Spring 2023.
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FALL 2023 Handy references:
- Going Synchronous?; Fostering Academic Honesty
- Conducting small classes with discussion using Zoom
- General best practices for Teaching Remotely for different types of classes
- Communicating with Students: 火箭加速器下载-火箭加速拟器官方下载-华军软件园:2021-11-13 · 火箭加速器是一款专门为网络游戏打造的网络加速工具。火箭加速器电脑版旨在为用户提供高效稳定的加速服务,智能选择加速专线,能够有效防止数据丢包、网络延迟等问题,内置强大的安全防护系统,保护用户的真实IP地址,采用按小时计费的方式,性价比更高,加速效果更明显!
- Teaching Large Classes Remotely








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These video-based programs are designed to answer a specific question related to teaching and learning. They deliver actionable insights in highly focused 20-minute presentations designed to fit busy schedules (access instructions).


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